Hello everybody.. Really sorry for no longer with you all, I missed you all very badly and this great platform as well. Wish you a very happy happy new year.

New Year is not about changing the Dates but
It’s not about changing the Calendar but
It’s not about changing the Actions but Attitude,
It’s not about changing the Fruit but Faith, Force
and Focus
May you Commit and create the best New Year
Happy New Year 2015. —

Ny way It’s not been a good year 2014 for me again.
End of the year once again life turned into black & white mode. Badly injured in toad accident and have lost right leg. Still hope for the best, 2015 would become bless for me that i can come out of the world of injury. It is 6th time in that last season.
Ufff..:( every time it feels like …”stuck in d moment…”



2 thoughts on “Again BLACK&WHITE..:(

  1. Joshi, I hope 2015 is a better year for you. Injuries or illness are wearing on one’s spirit, and I admire you for choosing to focus on faith and attitude for 2015. One of my favorite sayings is: It’s not what happens to us that blesses or burns; it’s our attitude.

    Blessings of hope ~ Wendy ❀

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