Hello friends .., sorry sorry sorry.., its been so long.. But what to do yrr.. Got new job , new responsibilities, new targets , you know life doesn’t wait for anyone.. 
But this is again from my camera., got a chance and got a click..! 🙂

Be happy and & healthy..:) 

Starting of festival of colour “holika-dahan”

Hello friends today we celebrate a beautiful festival the festival of colours… Today this fire is known as HOLIKA-dahan 

Spiritually behind this the thoughT is win of Truth and goodness over lie and bad works..And scientifically in the month of march this is a natural way to destroy all bacterias which creates flu and other diseases..

Tomorrow we will celebrate the pure colour festival.. For this wish you all a very happy, prosperous and colourful holi.. May god bless you all nd give you colourful joy in your life..

And this from my side a holika-dahan special ..! Be hapoy and healthy ..:) love you all..!

JoshiPhotoEye~Best wishes